Intermodal Maintenance & Services

Using multiple modes of transportation (rail, ship, and truck), without any handling of the freight itself when changing mode.

“We provide one-stop total intermodal service to our worldwide customers”

  • Reduce cargo handling & charges
  • Reduce damages and losses
  • Allow freight to be transported faster
  • Reduce costs of over road trucking

New pride corporation provides our specialized total intermodal maintenance service in 8 places which are locating throughout US based on railroads and ports.

IMS (Intermodal Maintenance Service, Inc.), which is 100% owned by New Pride Corporation,  was set up throughout US main railroads and ports  and extends their business range. Rapidly increased cargo volume makes transportation trailer run longer distance as days go by, therefore intermodal maintenance demand is also increasing as years go by.

After 911 terror, US government allowed that a number of intermodal companies can enter the facilities for transportation (Port/Railroad/Container Yard). Our company has a comparative advantage of having a lot of offices and storages in US. Currently we are concentrating not only on tire sales but also intermodal equipment maintenance total services.