Zhongyuan tower was established in Henan province, China in 2011, Zhongyuan Tower is a 388-metre tall steel tower in Zhengzhou.

The tower is used as a television tower, 200-guest revolving restaurants, and an observation tower.

Name Zhongyuan Tower (Fortune Tower),  中原福塔, Zhōngyuán fútǎ
Address China, Henan, Zhengzhou, Guanchenghuizuqu, 航海东路与机场高速路交汇处
Opened  2011
Location Henan, China
Cost 836 million CNY
Height 388m (1,273ft)
Purpose Broadcasting transmitter, gallery, cultural space, restaurants and shopping mall

As of 2012, the tower is one of the twenty tallest towers in the world, and is known to be the highest steel structure tower in the world.

  • The tower is located at the intersection of the Airport Highway and Hanghai elevated road.
  • This tower was built for making Henan as a complex cultural city and being itself as a land mark of Henan province.
  • The tower was awarded the Zhan Tianyou Civil Engineering Prize from China Civil Engineering Society in March, 2012