Affiliate Benifits

Low Entering Barriers

  • Exemption of administrative expenses such registration, maintenance, interior fees
  • No sanitary license required
  • Easy stock rotation for disuse stocks (Discount Sales)

Cost Savings

  • No need for Government approvals or licenses
  • Tax exemption of products (Limitation may applied.)
  • Cost-cutting effect of tariffs due to simple tax policies

Distribution Development

  • Unified sales service including on/offline, wholesale & retail
  • Offline marketing for wholesalers – Publishing and distributing catalogs in Chinese

Diverse Marketing

  • Henan Television &Radio Tower CO., LTD. : Diverse marketing available through more than 10 terrestrial broadcasting channels and 11 Radio Frequencies owned and managed by Henan Television &Radio
  • New pride : own marketing

Outstanding Conditions of Location

  • The first, city-center Duty Free Shop in China
  • Located in Zhèngzhōu City, one of the largest logistics and transportation hub in China,
  • One of the most popular and representative tourist complexes in China (3million visitors per year)